Comptoir des Glaces Arlon, replacement of single and double glazing, Belgium.


Replacing all glazing
Zoning de Grass
(derrière Ikea)
E411 Sortie Sterpenich

8362 Grass-Steinfort

Tel. B +32 (0)63 22 02 41
Tel. L +352 (0)26 37 59 40

Open Monday to Friday from 8 am to 17 pm



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A proud history !

So many broken windows in almost 50 years of existence !

Since 1959, Mr Armand Massinon, followed by his daughter Nathalie, have always been a "bridge" over troubled waters when it comes to repairs in Namur!

In 2002, they joined forces with CHASSIS G. HANIN, a hundred year old joinery in Marche-en-Famenne.

In 2004, it bought up the business of VITRERIE DU CONDROZ.

In 2007, DRION, a metal works which had been highly active in the field of security since 1929 (steel windows and doors), joined the group.

In July 2007, a brand new workshop was constructed at 58 Ch. de Liège (opposite, on the other side of the bridge).

In March 2010, our new facilities were inaugurated and we celebrated 50 years of existence!